Six tidal shifts and game changers in African Agriculture | Heartland Global


What has created the dramatic shift in the last six years in Africa’s Agriculture? Here are some of the key tidal shifts and game changers creating change and a uniquely African farm revolution. 

2008-09 Food and Fuel Price,  and Availability Crises

Increasing import cost and reduced import reliability
Food shortages caused political instability
Reliance on imports unsustainable

Rising local Private Sector and Foreign Direct Investment

Wave of new internal and external investment for food value chains.
Government commitments and incentives support agriculture as the engine for growth
Donor support for private sector growth and ag infrastructure

Rapid Rise of African Cities, and ICT’s

Changing consumption patterns
Consumption diversity, ease of use, branded foods
More meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables
Quality as well as quantity increases.
Revolutionary changes in information technology and mobile banking

Increasing Democracy, Relative Stability and Political Will

AU, NEPAD, CAADP, Regional Economic Blocks
Shift from donor dependency to self-driven national policy
Commitments to agriculture as the engine for growth
Region wide regulatory harmonization efforts free up trade

Increasing Wealth and Rapid Economic Growth

Increasing disposable incomes from national growth
Remittances and returning educated and experienced business managers.
Rapid rise of middle class (now more than 34%)
Reduction in extreme poverty

Potential for Africa as a Global food basket

Export potential to BRICS
Fresh product to Europe, Middle East, China, India.
Internal and Regional urban markets.

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